CafeX Robot Barista makes excellent coffee in San Francisco

This video is about the CafeX Coffee Robot. CafeX has developed and rolled out a robot barista that makes and quickly delivers excellent coffee at a lower price than Starbucks, Peets and the other leading coffee chains. You can place your order on your smartphone CafeX app or with the touchscreen at the coffee bar. Just slide your credit card in the touchscreen ordering device and wait for your hot high quality coffee to be made and delivered to you.

Robots are well established in manufacturing factory floors and are now moving to the retail industry.

Look for new robots in fast food restaurants, security guards in shopping malls and other services that require high quality repetition of job functions.

Robots will replace repetitive jobs with higher skilled level jobs. For example, at CafeX they have a Cafe Manager that is available to provide customer service and coffee coaching to customers.

The Havana background music is provided by the Apple iMovie application.

CafeX website is

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