Cold Creamy Coffee Cake | WITHOUT OVEN | 10 Mints. Preparation time | DELICIOUS DESSERTS RECIPE

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Creamy Cold Coffee Cake Without Oven | 10 Mints. Preparation time | Delicious Recipe

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In this video I am making a very delicious creamy cold coffee cake without oven. You donot need to bake it. Within 10 minutes you can can prepare this delicious creamy cold cooffee cake.
Lets learn How to make
Creamy Cold Coffee Cake Without Oven | 10 Mints. Preparation time | Delicious Recipe

Creamy Cold Coffee Cake Recipe:

Milk: 2.5 glass
Cream: 300 ml/ 3 packs
Fruit Cake: 3 packs.
Powdered Sugar: 4 tbsp
Coffee: 1 tbsp
Sugar: 1 tbsp
Chocolate Syrup: For garnish
Any chocolate Biscuits: For Garnish

Boil milk.
When milk starts boiling add coffee and sugar.
Boil it.
Let it cool at room temperature for 10 15 minutes.
Now in cream add powdered sugar.
Whisk 3-4 minutes with hand whisker.
Now in a bowl place a layer of fruit cake.
Now pour coffee on it in a way fruit cake properly dip in it.
Pour some cream on it.
Again make a layer of cake then coffee and then cream.
At the end in third layer of cake and pour coffee on it.
Now place the whole cream on it.
Cover the cake with full cream.
Now garnish it with some chocolate syrup and any crushed chocolate biscuits.
Chill and Enjoy it.
Delicious Creamy Cold Coffee Cake without oven is ready.

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