Chocolate Coffee Mousse | Chocolate Dessert | With Madhura’s Recipe | Ep – 654

Coffee Desserts
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Chocolate coffee mousse is a very easy and simple recipe. This delicious dessert can be a nice relief during this hot summer. You can try this mousse at home and drop a comment for me. Do not forget to like, share and subscribe.

• 2 tbsp Hoe Water
• 1 tbsp Coffee powder
• 1/4 cup Heavy cream
• 3/4 cup Dark chocolate
• Heavy whipping cream
• Few drops of Vanilla essence
• Few Choco chips

• In a bowl take hot water and add coffee powder.
• Mix well and keep it aside.
• In another bowl take heavy cream.
• You can use fresh cream.
• Add dark chocolate and microwave it for just about a minute.
• Stir it after 30 seconds and microwave again for another 30
• Take the bowl out and mix it once more until it turns nice, smooth
and creamy.
• Chocolate ganache is ready. Keep the bowl aside.
• In a bowl take heavy whipping cream and transfer the bowl into
freezer for about 30 minutes.
• Take the bowl out and beat the cream until it gets soft peaks.
• Add vanilla essence and beat until it turns stiff.
• Add chocolate ganach, coffee into the whipped cream.
• Mix it very gently with the cream.
• When coffee mixture and chocolate ganache is mixed well with
whipped cream, transfer the mixture into freeze for at least 1 hour
before serving.
• Transfer the chocolate mousse mixture into a zip lock bag and
cut its tip.
• Serve the mousse into glass.
• Garnish with some choco chips. Chocolate coffee mousse is

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