Coffee Jelly Latte | Easy and Light Dessert

Coffee Desserts
Got some free time this holiday and made coffee jelly latte for a morning dessert 🙂

(English & Bahasa Indonesia)

1 tbsp instant coffee
100 ml hot water
1 tbsp sugar
2 tsp agar agar powder
300 ml cool water
100 ml evaporated milk
100 ml water
1 tbsp condensed milk (adjust according to taste)
50 ml strong coffee

Bahan – bahan:
1 sdm kopi instan
100 ml air panas
1 sdm gula
2 sdt agar-agar
300 ml air suhu ruangan
100 ml susu evaporasi
100 ml air
1 sdm susu kental manis (tambahkan sesuai selera)
50 ml kopi pekat

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