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Discover how coffee is cultivated, processed and roasted by Italian roasters, from the plant to the cup, with our series of videos hosted by Gabriella Baiguera, consultant for Slow Food, Italy.

In this episode Gabriella suggests where to buy coffee beans for De’Longhi fully automatic coffee machine. The potential tastiness of an espresso is primarily hidden in the beans: it’s better to grind them using the De’Longhi fully automatic coffee machine in that moment.

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You can buy excellent single-origin Harenna, Huehuetenango and Camapara coffees from artisanal roasters who acquire the Slow Food stamp, some of which have convenient online shops. For blends, let’s trust the roaster: choose light and medium roasts if you like acidity, and dark or “drawn” roasts if you prefer the chocolatey bitterness of typical southern Italian coffees. To begin your personal coffee tasting journey, I would suggest the Huehuetenango Highland Coffee. To obtain the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity stamp, roasters submit a roasted sample of their Slow Food coffee to be judged by the tasting committee.

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