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In Frank Herbert’s Dune The Spice is the most valuable substance in the universe, today I create it and two drinks made with it, Spice Beer and Spice Coffee. Fear is the MindKiller.

Frank Herbert’s Dune is a masterwork of science fiction, a novel that truly changed the landscape. Nearly all of the genre works you enjoy today can draw a straight line back to Dune. Dune concerns the machinations of a galaxy spanning empire in the far flung future, an empire that is dependent on a substance called Spice, and Spice can be found on only one world: Arrakis, also known as Dune. The entire empire is dependent on The Spice, without Spice space travel is impossible. The Spice also extends life, and gives some the ability to see the future.

We get a few descriptions of what Spice should smell and presumably taste like in the book, so I go off of that to develop a Spice Syrup here. We also know of at least two occasions where Spice Beer is mentioned, and Spice Coffee, so I use my Spice Syrup to make both of those in this one.

I mention @Glen & Friends Cooking in this one, and he’s got some fantastic videos out there. You should check him out, really enjoyed his work on traditional soft-drinks.

Spice Syrup
.75 oz. -or- 21 g. cinnamon sticks
.035 oz. -or- .5 g. Gentian Root
.035 oz. -or- .5 g. Wormwood Root
4 Drops of Orange Blossom Water
11 oz. -or- 320 ml. Water
11.25 oz. -or- 320 g. Demerara Sugar
Boil till sugar Dissolved, remove from heat
Let Cool
Strain and Bottle

Spice Beer
1 part Spice Syrup
2 Parts club soda

Spice Coffee
3 oz. -or- 90 ml. hot coffee
1 oz. -or- 30 ml. spice syrup
1 oz. -or- 30 ml. rye
1 oz. -or- 30 ml. coffee liqueur
build in glass
top with 2 oz. -or- 60 ml. heavy cream, shaken

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